December Writing Prompts

writing prompts

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days until the holidays! I’ve already slowed things down so I can connect more with the people who matter most, and so I can focus on creativity. Gift-making, cookie-baking, and lazy evenings by the fire – this is what the start of Winter means to me. Here are some writing prompts for December to cozy up with as the cold sets in.

writing prompts

Jumping Off Points – Short Stories

  • It was Sam’s first night keeping watch and it was incredibly boring until…
  • Juniper had never really wanted to be an elf…
  • The recipe belonged to my grandmother…

For the Love of Lists

  1. All I Want for Christmas:
  2. A Recipe for a Happy Holiday:
  3. Seven Ways to Stay Warm:
  4. My Holiday Must-Do List:

Blog Post Ideas

  • Dream Gifts for the People I Love Most (Use this to tell us a bit about their personalities and your relationship. Why did you choose this gift for this person?)
  • Our Favorite Holiday Traditions
  • How to Survive the Season When You Hate the Holidays
  • A Round Up of Awesome DIY Gifts

Just for You – Journal Prompts

  • The holidays always make me want to…
  • I would be more excited about the holidays if only…
  • If there’s one thing I’m dreading about December it’s…

December Challenge!

Complete our December writing prompt challenge by finishing the prompt in the comments below, up to 100 words. Don’t forget to tell us your name and age. Contestants must be ages 10-18. Proof of age will be required to claim prize. Contest closes on December 10th, 2016.

THIS MONTH’s PRIZE: A copy of Johanna Basford’s Johanna’s Christmas Coloring book PLUS her Secret Garden Journal!


Outside the world was wrapped in the silent beauty of a fresh snowfall, so I opened the door and…


2 Comments on “December Writing Prompts

  1. It was Sam’s first night keeping watch and it was incredibly boring until he saw a purple spark from Prof. Blues lab. He also heard a terribly loud noise which can be resemled by loud noises of bombs,crackers etc.Sam was so surprised,that he slipped from the edge of cliff!! After a moment or maybe two,he ran to Prof. Blues lab.He was so delighted when he opened the door,that he was almost exploding!Before him was a huge machine. Prof.Blues had developed another very useful machine for the village.The professor was lying on the floor,too tired enough to stand after so much of hard work.Sam was a kind boy who helped others.So he helped Prof. Blues to his bed and left him for some rest.Before leaving, Sam asked him’Prof.Blues what kind of machine is this?’Prof.Blues smiled and said ‘Child,this is a machine that can prepare hot food for the village,and I have an important duty for you,Sam!’ ‘What is it?’ said Sam,very excited.’You have to annouce the whole village about my machine.’said Prof. Blues.Then Sam annouced the village about it and then the villagers had a warm and tasty December.

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