November Writing Prompts

I have a pretty strange relationship with November. I love the fall, the colours, the scent of wood smoke and wet leaves. I love fall fashion; cozy sweaters and boots. But with November comes some sad memories for my family. With so much to love, and so many other tough feelings, it’s the perfect time of year to get writing. Here are some writing prompts to get your own words flowing.


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Jumping Off Points – Short Stories

  • He/she opened the front door to find a package. A cardboard box, wrapped in plain brown paper. He/she hauled it inside the house and was surprised to find…
  • Every year my parents make me unpack my cold-weather clothes, which they store in the basement. I always dread this chore because…
  • The sky was heavy with blue-gray clouds. Icy sheets of rain blew passed the windows. I pressed my nose against the cold glass and felt lucky to be inside where it was…
  • It had taken hours for me to rake up all the leaves in the yard. My back felt stiff, my hands were sore. I could hardly wait to get inside and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, but then…
  • I’d poked my head into the attic dozens of times when I was younger, but today I had to go right up there and find a box of old photos for my mom. It was only because of the flashlight on my phone that I was able to see the tiny door that I’d never spotted before…

For the Love of Lists

  1. Here’s everything I love about the fall:
  2. If I could serve my friends my favourite fall foods, the menu would include:
  3. Books and movies that are perfect for cold November weekends:
  4. Reasons why fall can feel kind of sad:
  5. Fall colours and how they make me feel:

Blog Post Ideas

  • Fall Outdoor Activities to Enjoy With Your Family (or your besties!)
  • My Family’s Favourite Fall Recipes
  • A Roundup of Awesome Fall Crafts (show off your own favourite hobbies like knitting, etc)
  • How to Be More Thankful (make a list of five ways that the average person your age can be more grateful every day)
  • Fall Scavenger Hunt for Your Next Hike

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